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Somewhere between a rock and a hard place...

... that is where you’ll find us ...

Arrifana & The epic epicness

Both of us had the best surf ever in Praia da Arrifana. It’s strange how when you come to a beach you think it’s always the same, but they change every day. Some beaches even disappear from one day to the next. And to us Arrifana had the perfect lines and I thought this must be the way the waves always come in here & it wasn’t that busy so we stayed for almost a week, but Word spread and the surfers and vans filled up the place. But there was waves for everyone. Epic epicness! Surfed that much that I even got surf neck and shoulder problems and had to check out the local massage. 20 euro for one hour! Amazing!

Praia da Falésia

The areas around Albufeira was not for us, but the red cliffs in Praia de Falésia were beautiful and Zoey loved the shells there. ( our car is now 50 % shells and stones )

The Big Breakdown

Sad to leave friends and to leave Portugal but we need to start heading home, we’ve got a long way to go, 4 440 km since we are heading to the north of Sweden, Skellefteå, for Christmas.

It seems the feeling was mutual from Portugal... when leaving Portugal the rain starts heaving down and our car breaks down. In the middle of the highway. Smoke coming out of the engine. After a little panick attack moment we manage to get it going in 40 km/h in to the closest gas station, Repsol, they were really helpful. And the insurance company did a good job sending a toe truck and taxi and getting us a good hotel. So happy that my spanish classes are finally paying off, there is a lot of no hablo ingles around here.

We decided to chill and do the whole hotel experience by the ocean, El Rompido, while waiting. Feeling kind of homeless and stuck but enjoying the heated pool, great hotel and going all in on the breakfast buffet.

It’s all falling apart

Using a car as a home for five months is taking its toll. It’s now fixed for the driving part but we have a long fixing todo list ahead.

Oh well, heading North - take 2! Let’s go!


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