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About the wedding. And the DIY part...

Do It Yourself Wedding... It's really more like Do It With Friends Wedding. DIWF wedding, doesn't sound quite as catchy but really - without help from friends and family, how does anyone set up your own wedding? It's a big project even if you're planning a small, rural wedding.

We got married two years ago, 170527. Out celebrating it yesterday and looking back, even though the day was amazing I think the both of us most of all remembered the fun of planning, our nights of talking away and making up ideas, looking at different places for the venue and the bringing friends together to do wedding stuff. Like trying on dresses, or tasting the menu, getting the flowers or drinking champagne while making the decor. It's all about the good enough right? ;)

All of you getting married this summer, remember the having fun while doing it part, that's what you'll remember! And also - serve the cake with the toast!

Soon I will be more active here on my blog again as we are about to head out for another adventure with the van... #cantwait

Photography: 2BridesPhotography & friends


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