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White Christmas & Now What?

Spending time in winter wonderland, happy to see family and friends and trying to adjust to the cold. Gearing up with merino wool, hats and jackets. Vanlife went from 20 degrees plus to minus 15. Zoey is happier than ever about the REAL SNOW :) Everyone is happy to see us and hear about the trip. Most asked question this far is: - How does it feel being back?

There’s definitely a mixed set of emotions going on...

Home is where you park it

Back at the house and it kind of feels like moving in again, we haven’t really missed the house as much as I thought. It didn’t take long to make the campervan our home - home is where you park it, a home with different views everyday. There is a lot of Now-what-thoughts and plans for future trips being made but I guess we should really just land and try and take things slow. Most likely we will head away with the van at weekends.

France next? Whos with ;)


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