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Vanlife - it’s addictive

As soon as we drove up in our drive way after our long trip this fall we started making new plans for the next trip. It was harder than I thought coming back, getting in to all of the every day routines and getting all of the colds and flus in the world. This spring has been loooong and we are so stoked to take of and head out again in the van. The simpler life. Even if I have managed to get a hernia that will be joining us...

We haven’t made much plans but heading for Biarritz area again, but will be trying some new spots along the way.

First Halmstad and heatwave, trying out the ocean, not too cold.Then we made a stop at a harbour in Sakskobing, Denmark, really cosy, with horses and poppy fields around the corner. Turns out the sailing peeps had the party of the year and hired that one live band that never stops playing.

Next stop Somewhere-in-Germany where it turned out they were also having THE celebrations of a lifetime. Everyone partying like no tomorrow, shouting away and fireworks cracking up all night long. Happy days! Now Amsterdam, more on that to come, but it turns out there is some kind of festival going on...

Vanlife - it’s addictiveAs soon as we drove up in our drive way after our long trip this fall we s2#vanlife #vacation #halmstad #danmark #sakskobing #campervan #hästar #semester #blogg #resa #lifestyle #fotograf #lovarg #ekerö #stockholm


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