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The Loire Valley- another day another castle

Really getting the hang of vanlife now, parking outside a castle and feeling ever so great. Not always having electricity and wifi and thinking it’s alright. I actually started reading a book the other day.


This castle is stunning, we passed it on a trip before and this time we thought, why not stay this time.

Apparantly the guy who built it, around 14 th century was going to use it as a hunting castle and while it took 30 years to build he only ever stayed in it 40 days or so. Walking around the promises we got to see three wild boars, and I was going to take an awesome photo, but he kept moving in the weirdest angles so he blew his chance.

Next day we watched the Spectacular show as its called, the show with horses and knights. It was all in french. All the french we know comes from our petite French for travels book and they were apparantly not going travelling in the Spectacular show. But, we followed along just fine actually, or so we think...


It’s beautiful driving through the Loire valley with all the cute little french villages mixed up with huge castles. And lots of nice wine. We are driving the scenic routes, not in a hurry and cheap as chips.

Staying on the Isle d’Or and as we parked and went for a walk air balloons showed up, a french guy was singing in the local bar and the light was golden. Good start. In all the french villages they have a fruit/veg market day every week and we needed to stack up, so this was good timing. Ended up with grapes and plums that we finished off that same day...

Dropped by Leonardo da Vincis house

Leonardo da Vinci loved the nature in the Loire valley and had a house here in Amboise, where he lived his last years. As the four-year-old is going through the how-is-this-made-phase and has five billion question regarding this per day this was perfect. The experiments and how things work, airplane drafts, hellicopter roters, bridges and so on.

Waking up not knowing what country we are in, we are thinking its time for a longer stay. And surferdude is longing for some waves, so its time to for the ocean and an old favourite - Lacanau Ocean.


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