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Spain - Citylife, oranges & flamingos


- Surf, surf, surf, Why can’t we look at more churches?, says the five-yearold. She loved the cathedral in Lisbon. The gold, the decorations, the high ceiling and that there was a sign saying you need to be quiet in there. Alright, so when in Seville we decided to take a look at one of the three biggest churches in the WORLD. Once there, at this GIANT church Zoey decided She did not want to go in to a Big church, She was way to busy with her new spanish fan. And it turned out we missed the opening hours anyway... ( our reoccuring problem ) Also went Christmas decorations shopping and pimped up the car. Driving away from Huelva we checked out the flamingos that seemed to be working at a salt plains?

It’s beginning to look a lot like... fall

Even if there is oranges, palmtrees and lemons everywhere in Spain there is a fall kind of feeling. We are still walking around in summeroutfits and flipflops and getting some looks from the locals that are all dressed up in their wintergear. Hace frio and shaking their heads.

Valencia - we like

Valencia has a fresh feeling to it, and a huge NYC-central-park kind of a park running through it. During a storm in the fifties Valencia experienced a devastating flood and three quarters of the city was inundated by floodwater so they diverted the river, Turia river and made this beautiful park.


Being in a Zoo I always feel it is important to get the feeling that they care about the animals, and I got a good vibe from this place. Well kept and no eating around the animals, a lot of info about them and how many of these animals are actually close to being extinct. We were there off season and it was really quiet, except for a spanish school class that had the most excited tour guide ever. Heard him all across the parc.


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