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Sagres - the end of the world and vanlife heaven

Arriving in Sagres and the surf and campervan lifestyle surrounds us. Vanlife heaven. Everything feels adjusted to the life we are living right now. Add cliffs, turquoise water, beautiful beaches and Meeting up with all the people we have met along the way, all in the same place and the feeling of having made it home is there. The final destination for vanlifers.

The sounds from a parking lot

Talking to friend about the sounds we will miss. Surrounded by surfers there is a lot of spot checking, excited surfers getting in and out of vans, surfboards being waxed and if it is all good someone cranks up some reggae or an after surf beer. These are the sounds that will be missed. The waxing, the van doors opening, the looking for waves walking back and forth. It’s a good vibe.

Yes, we do laundry :)

There is a lot of laundry places, even the supermarkets have laundramats. Most of the time we do our laundry at a camping site, but fed up with damp clothes we tried out the Laundry Lounge, where you can have coffee, lunch and wifi and hang out to talk about surf ;) I checked in, coffee and wified away, forgot about the laundry shutting at 4, and ended up with damp clothes anyway...

It’s Getting colder

I never thought I would miss the sun and hot weather but with a couple of days with rain and wind I sure did. But life in a campervan loves to hang outside and we feel the need to have outdoors as an ’extra room’.

I didnt think I would get in the water to go surfing when it got colder but, I did, there I was, and Loved it. The water isn’t actually that cold though, maybe 18 degrees. Add wetsuit and hard work and its all good. Really got in to the paddling one session and was quite far out, saw a huge fish jumping up and an image of of him being followed by a great white flashed before my eyes. Paddled oh-so-fast to get back to the beach :/ #destroyedbythemoviejaws


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