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North of Spain. Great surf, great views & tilted car

Scents of spring in the spanish air. Setting up my office outside the van cause we have fast wi-fi for once, feeling all Cinderella with birds churping around me.


Parked our campervan on a mountain, breathtaking view of the ocean, and breathtaking 450 stairs down to the beach.

San Vicente de Barquera

Great beach, with surf for both of us. Best surf session for me this far. Colder water though, bringing us our first cold. Not loving the town centre, nothing much to offer. However stunning views making up for it, mountains and hills with cows, palmtrees and the ocean with all the surfing going on. Parked on a mountain with great view, surfers only,. Didn’t give us the best night sleep ever, the car was SO tilted, kept rolling in to the wall at night and ours was by far the biggest car there which made Mattias worry about how we were going to make it up the gravel hill... made it but with skidding and struggling...

Vanlife in numbers

7 unwanted cold showers being had when sitting on the toilet and accidently starting the shower.

3 times end-of-the-world scenes from the four year-old when accidently waking up the barbies that are having sleep ins

10 turnarounds at the shop since it turned out to be closed for siesta or just being sunday

As I am writing this a bird just entered our van. Sitting in the passenger seat. Taking a shit.


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