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Lisboa & All the tiles in the world


Had a little peak at Lisboa. A lot happening at once and all in bright, light colours. Happy feel. Not always easy driving in the city with a campervan. Needs a looking out for height signs.

All the tiles in the world.

Portugal loves tiles and so does Zoey. She LOVES tiles and says she wishes she had them all. They are so beautiful and smooth - like ice that never melts she says.

MAAT & The plastic of the sea

Museum of Art, Architecture and technology- great building, not too impressed with the current exhibition. However they did have a really cool piece with a huge plastic sea, that you could even walk underneath to get a feel how the inhabitants of the sea would see it. Along our way we have seen a lot of awareness and different art to highlight the issue with the plastic in the sea problem. Even on the big surf competition, WSL, one of the pro surfers came straight out of the water from his heat and the first thing he did was to pick up a piece of plastic on the beach. Sad about all of the plastic and happy about the people trying to do things to make it better and raise awareness. I saw another van lifer trying to start up a movement called 5 minutes, which means everyone on the beach has 5 minutes to pick up plastic. Make a difference.

Cabo da roca

The most westerly point of Europe and a rugged cliff that rises 144 m above the cape. We were there on the least windy day of the year.


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