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Hanging loose

As soon as we made it to the Surfcoast ( the european one ) we really got in to the whole hang loose feel. Everything is much more relaxed here. Everyone flipflops around with sand and salt in their hair looking at the waves. Topics of the day concerns high tide, low tide and the swell. It seems people have similar thoughts on the important things in life and we even met some people that are doing a similar van, surf and yoga journey.

The places we’ve been to this far is Biscarosse, Hossegor, Lacanau Ocean. Hossegor is the Surf capital of Europe and everything about this place breathes surf. Lacanau Ocean has beautiful sand, tall pines and quiet beaches.

Surf is up

We have all been surfing away in different levels. Surferdude has offcourse been buzy, and even had his surf crew here. Zoey is really making big progress, she loves the water now, big respect for the ocean though so we are taking it step by step. But it's great to see that likes to play with the board so much. And for myself, I remember it to be easier than this, must be getting old... oh well, i WILL get there!

Oh, and yes, we took a little trip to vote for the Swedish election at Svenska Konsulatet in Bordeaux. Little did I know I would be flying back to Sweden a few days after... #vanlife #surf #lifewithkids #lacanau #hossegor #biscarosse #blog #photography #travel #fotograf #lovarg


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