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Dune du Pilat - it’s a sand thing

Had a little vanlife pause. Flew back to Stockholm to do a job for Axfoundation. The life of a freelance photographer. Strange feeling to be in Stockholm and not heading home to my house.

Dune Du Pilat - the biggest sand dune in Europe

I knew before we left we would have sand everywhere. Turned out to be a true story, the sand is everywhere. Bags, everywhere in the van, the bed, the clothes, the pockets and the bed. To be honest, there is sand coming out of my ears. So we decided to go the biggest sand dune in Europe. Since we seem to have the sand theme going already...

So, so, SO worth it. It’s a massive wall of sand with the ocean on the one side and what I can only describe looks like a french rainforest on the other. Climbing it and the workout for the day is done, day 2 I even put on my running outfit to make it look like I was just going for my morning run up the dunes again. Zoey had so much fun, better than any park. And the best part was going down. People had parachutes and sand boards or just made big leeps. Being on the moon kind of leeps.

I have to talk about the weather

It’s a swedish thing, I can’t write about this trip without having some kind of weather talk. Between 25-30 degrees during the day and 15-20 during the night and all sunshine. Well, almost. There was that one day that Mattias almost got struck by lightning. It was a gloomy morning at Le Piste outside of Hossegor and no surf in sight and as me and Zoey were drawing away Mattias started getting really restless and wanted us to go for a bike ride. As soon as we were all set and ready to go ( it can take a little while to get the whole crew organized...) the thunderstorm came in... And as the bangs were getting louder the faster we were biking away. And then the lightning hit a house just beside us and Mattias really almost got knocked off his bike. In state of schock we entered the closest café, sweat pooring down ´cause of the whole tour de france race we just took part in. Ordered like four chocolate croissants, 2 cokes, a lollipop and 2 coffees in all the confussion.


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