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Driving North - through seasons and protests

Before leaving the ocean we had to try surfing the Mediterranean. Very small, but glassy and without a crowd for sure :) Mattias had some fun, trying to hand stand on the board. I was going to jump in later on, but too flat... should have went in there and then... when there are waves we surf style...

Enjoyed some last days of sun in Sitges and Peniscola then headed for the border.

Stuck in yellow west protest

Every time we are in France there are some kind of protest going on on the roads. This time we end up in the middle of the yellow west protest. Hundreds of kilometers of trucks stopped at the border. At least there was an amazing view of the Andorra mountains... Mattias went out to talk to some people about whats going on, and a french guy was like - the french - they’re crazy...

Mr Drurys place

We made a stop in the Bourgogne district, we read about this cosy park for night at Mr Drurys, a wine producer that had a self service. A fridge full of help yourself wine and pay a reasonable price and buy some to go if you like it. We really liked it and stacked up, never did see this Mr Drury but made a little four legged friend that showed us around and made us feel welcome.

The Capital of Christmas markets

Driving through the seasons and fog and finding out all the places we parked at are closed. So we ended up in Köln - beautiful at night. And Hamburg, which turns out to be THE city of Christmas markets. Since we liked the miniature lands in Legoland we decided to go to this Miniature Wonderland we saw on Google maps. This place was so popular that we had to book tickets and come the next day. It seems it is the biggest model railway in the world, it has 15, 400 m track length and 70 cameras to watch the trains. And I even found a bit of Sweden in there - Kiruna represent!


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