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Cascais. The glam life meets being sick in a campervan.

Time to try the van with a fourth companion. My mum joined us and we managed to make it even more interesting trying out food poisoning, the flu and all sorts of rashes that same week.

However we pulled through, and also celebrated our girl turning 5. Cake, presents and the opportunity to be boss for the day - great success!


Took a day with friends at Dinosaur Park. Apparently Lourinha has a Big amount of dino findings and a lot of dinosaurs named after the town. Like Lourinhosaurus. It was a good park, learning of dinosaurs and a museum part and playground and a search for treasures section that our girl loved.


Lovely, goodlooking town with lots of fancy tiles, palmtrees and beaches. This is the Portuguese riviera and lots of 5 star hotels and fancy houses behind big gates. We parked at a campsite with the view of Sintra. Walking around the area we could see and smell the big forest fires that had took place there just a couple of weeks before. Had our first and probably last racing experiences, with both the bus driver and a taxi driver clearly being in a hurry to get home. Checked out a cosy vegetarian restaurant, House of wonders and the Paula Rego art museum, cool building, scary art.


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