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Bringing vanlife home

Three days three lakes

Driving from the coast we headed straight in to the heatwave. Three days through France stopping at three lakes. First stop at Angouleme - a quiet place in the countryside by a lake. Super hot lake. And for some reason a lot of british people swimming about in it. Second stop at a Water resort in the Loire valley - expensive, but so worth it, spent the whole day and night in the pool and lake. Also got to watch the Sweden- Germany game on a huge screen... all to ourselves... Happy about the win, and being through to the quarter finals we went for another swim in the lake, it being 37 degrees at nine o’ clock.

Sweet thirty-something ;)

Last stop in France at our sweet friends outside Troyes. Happy that we had the chance to meet up, and celebrate my birthday too :) We started out with a swim, also cause it’s necessary in the heat, we headed for a lake that apparently is a reservoir that keeps Paris from flooding. Spending the night parked outside their house, drinking wine, talking away and eating Isa’s superbe vegan cheesecake ( she makes good stuff, check it out at Great way to spend a birthday <3

Bring it back

So, back in Stockholm now with the plan to bring vanlife home. Love the simple lifestyle that comes with vanlife and the adventures. So; first of a all: Setting up the hammock - thats more like it, second making little trips to places close by. Trying out new things, like waffle & music quiz brunch and biking around Stockholm for little happenings. And also preparing for next happening in the family - the getting a dog... more on that to come...


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