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About Amsterdam - and the living like a local

Getting around in Amsterdam on bikes is the thing to do, seeing the lovely canals and cute houses all the way down to the canals. Biking around making us feel like locals, ’cause it seems wherever you have to go in Amsterdam you go by bike. Young, medium or old. Love it! We got to catch up with a friend from Amsterdam and getting some tips on where to go. There´s definitely a chilled out hippie vibe and loved the big park - Voldenpark where they had some great playgrounds too. There’s a sweet smell all of over and had to try some great waffles and super sweet cookies too.

In Holland you’re never that far from the sea so of course we made a stop to check it out, so we headed for Noordwijk. Looked as if there could be good surf at times, and a nice sandy beach.

The heading through Belgium was not my fave part. A thousand lanes, a million trucks and a billion tunnels deep down under water. Adding heavy rain for this pleasant adventure... :/

At this point soooo ready for Vive le France. Even though I have to say they have really great playgrounds for kids in Belgium. Using nature, made out of wood with super nice hanging bridges and crossing water walking on ropes - kind of playgrounds.


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