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Westcoasting it

I thought I would blog about our part two of our campervan trip ( the heading for the west coast part that is)  a couple of weeks ago bit I haven’t got around to it, vacation mode and Corona rehab happened... 

So after spending time in Norrland where social distancing is the natural way we FOUND out where ALL the people were hanging out - Grebbestad!

Grebbestad vs Fjällbacka

Fjällbacka for the win! Really charming with the cozy houses and all their flowery gardens and petite cafes. However we did have fun watching crabs and fish and hanging with friends in Grebbestad, just a bit too crowded and not as cozy vibe and Vissla got some give tics while being there, it seems a new kind of tic has entered Sweden, twice the size... :O Apparently its called Hyalomma and can run like a spider so yeah, Grebbestad definitely loses that battle. 


Love the action and surf atmosphere in and around Varberg, if theres no surf theres kite surfing, wind surfing, kids on skateboards and people passing by longboarding. 


Heading home after hanging in Halmstad with family we went to Visingsö. I totally recommend, nice quiet beaches, small cafes and shops that sell home made products. And a LOT of history, it seems Visingsö, in the middle of Sweden in the middle of the lake Vättern used to be THE PLACE TO BE back in the old days - the capital of Sweden. 

We also made a stop by Göta Kanal somewhere around Norrköping. Watching boats and horses from our bedroom, and making boats to race with.

For our last stop we headed back up to Norrland, Sikhjälma - getting some last surf in and getting to see some friends in their summer place. 

Now, back at scorching Ekerö after 6 weeks on the go. Spending time in Mälaren and friends pools even though school is starting back up today it is still summer. Enjoy!


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