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Vanlife starts now

And we're off! Van is packed, house is rented out, route is kind of ready and we are so ready to hit the road. Time for leaving our everyday meetings and sitting by the computer desk life for five months. Me and my surferdude heading for a peaceful surf and yoga lifestyle adventure around Europe, with our four-year-old daughter aka little miss Bossy Rollercoaster. We have talked about this trip for some time now... mid life crisis, honeymoon or whatever it is, we are stoked and ready... Give us a shout if you are out and about on the road doing this or if you have some great tips for us along the way. And stick around to check out our travel blog, and see where it takes us... First, a little time amongst family and friends in Sweden. Sweden is having the hottest summer in history so you will find us trying out every old swimming hole around.


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