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Portugal. Never a dull moment.

We heard a lot of great things about Portugal; beautiful, great surf and being able to park anywhere. So there was a lot to live up to... It’s really growing on us having been here for a while now, finding our favourite spots to stay and enjoying some great views and meeting a lot of nice people to hang with here. And the surf... oh yes!


Ended up here by taking a wrong turn, which turned out really good. Watching the sun set behind Torre at Serra de Estrela, the highest point in Portugal with its 2 000 m. And getting to know the story behind the man who found Brazil. Apparently he was from Belmonte. Pedro Alvarez Cabral. It was him and Vasco da Gama that were out and about finding continents back in the 15th century.


Really great scenic walk path by the ocean. One billion people in the water, most being surf schools. Sunsets here, wow! People here are really great and open. A bit commercial at some places, but once we got past that we found some really awesome spots.

There is a hurricane on the way... no wait, there’s TWO

I really haven’t followed the news lately. Looking at the weather on my phone saturday morning and realizing somethings is up, red numbers and warnings... The hurricane Leslie is heading our way. Supposedly heading for Lisbon first. We figured lets head away from the coast and check in to a hotel/B&B. At the place there was a whole lot of the-hurricane-is-coming-preparations... and staff being a little freaked out cause Portugal hasn’t had a storm like this for about two hundred years. And apparently the place we came to, Obidos was where the TWO hurricanes were going to meet up.

Ended up being a really nice night for us anyway. A group of us hanging out having pizza and wine in the game room (which was also the safest room in the hotel/B&B).


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