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Our way - the French Way

With the whole Benelux tunnel experience behind us there was need for the french countryside and time to breathe... On our way to our first stop we drove through fields on a road that didn’t look as if our campervan would fit but this was clearly not a one way street as we realised that even buses took this way :o

Being goat farmers, Dreux, France

We got this book that gives us tips on where to stop with your campervan at local producers/wine yards /farmers. So our first stop was at a goat farmer family that made yarn and clothing from yarn. They were so sweet and friendly and the first thing they showed us was there two day old kid and we got to cuddle with their goats that were soo cosy. Our car being parked in their farm with flowers, peacocks and chickens all around it, it was so serene and like meditation for me. Not sure about Mattias, pretty sure he was distressed about the big birds walking all over the car.

The Wine yard, Chatéaudun, France

Offcourse we got to try their wine and decide which one was for us. Apparently there was a festival in town ( no surprise to us, clearly it’s festival season :D )

Sweet old Lacanau

We have been before and keep coming back. The beautiful white fine sand, the petite village and the calm camp site beside the sea. This is where we took a few days to calm down, swim in the pool, our girl actually swam by herself (:O) And got to hang out with friends from our previous trip. So happy to see them and spend Mid summer together! Never got as much attention as putting up our mid summer pole and dancing little froggies around it :)

Also had a photoshoot for Inkakids lovely golden clothes in golden hour, love to shoot my girl and in these cool clothes. We took the time to find shells and plastic while we are at it, doing what feels right. 5 minutes every day at the beach #realbeachgoals


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