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Mosel & Champagne - Autobahn, wine and castles

If autobahn taught us anything its the frase Stau gefahr, yepp that means this is gonna a take a while. I was even cleaning up the van on the way, anyone who knows me knows cleaning is not my fave thing to pass my time with, so oh yeah there was time to be passed.

Cochem, Mosel valley

Stunning valley with wine ranks on the sloping hills down towards river Mosel. Biking around on great bike roads and hiking up to look at old castle Reichsburg. Totally impressed with all the seniors powerwalking up the hills fully dressed with longsleeves and jeans in 30 degrees and sunshine.

With all this heat it was time for our first hotel break, checked in and ran for the pool. Leaving the keys locked inside, even though they specifically told us since we have the two connecting rooms (how bad that we could not get to stay in one room btw) that we could NOT LOOSE THESE VERY IMPORTATNT KEYS, since they only had one pair... Oh well, after a little hanging around in our swim wear in the hotel lobby, trying to act cool while the receptionist told us this is NOOOT GOOD and she couldn’t get a hold of the technical guy... However technical guy pulled through and we were back in our rooms in no time. Watching as much french tv as we could.


Making a grand entrance to the Champagne area by a light crash in to the supermarkets parking lot, forgetting about the height of the van when there are surfboards on the roof... First duck tape this trip! Headed to see a friend in the Champagne area, Troyes, a friend that I met on instagram. Such a nice french couple that does vanlife with their cool VW. Talking away and drinking wine while Zoey was playing away with their cute dog with just as much energy as a four year old. Loved to see them, this is always what social media should be all about. Real meetings.


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