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If there are waves, we surf

That’s the rule, we were told at WSL, and on it went for the three days that we stayed at Supertubos...

Peniche & Baleal

Surfing the beaches here is great, it seems the swell is always coming in from somewhere. However you have to get past the seaweed and the surf schools.

Parking for night has not bored us.

There was the In front of the main beaches in Baleal parking, which happens to be right outside a club. The kind of club that doesn’t shut until 5... And the cliff parking, overlooking the great lines coming in... and waking up with american tourists taking a hike just outside to look at the view. And the parking lot beside Supertubos where they held the WSL ( World Surf League ) championship tour. Looking at the surfers going in first light, the police arriving every morning with their horses and motorcycles and that lovely smell from the fish factory right next to it...


Nazare has the record for the worlds biggest wave surfed - 35 m. They were not quite that big when we went there, but it looked impressive anyway and just knowing its because of underwater Nazare canyon. Nature - love it.

WSL Championship tour

Great to see all the best surfers in the world at Supertubos, Peniche - awesome days on the beach. The big event on the beach was Zoey and her new friend dancing away in front of the cameras and the happy crowd.


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