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Hello Denmark

The simple ways of van life

Sweden - we will be back in December sometime, if all goes well. A bit nervous about being away for so long for some reason, some kind of out-of-the-comfort-zone- feeling. The vanlife has started out well, only hit my head twice today :) It’s a simpler life, a minimalistic living that feels good to try out, especially since I’m all concerned about our mother nature these days, with crazy climate changes and all the plastic in the waters everywhere. Trying for a minimal living.


Our first destination was Skagen. Where the two seas meet, and the light is amazeballs. My animal spotting resulted in one dead seal, one skinny fox on the beach and one million golden retrievers. My Girlboss and I took a peek at the famous paintings of the Skagen painters at Skagen Museum whilst Mr Surferdude took a nap like a real bummy van life guy right outside...

Also went to see the sand buried church, with only the tower sticking up, the sand keeps taking over, they finally just gave up. 


Loved the scenery at Hirtshals lighthouse, first lit 1863. 


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