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Handling Heat wave & Other waves

I've said this before, but I do love Biarritz and Hossegor area. Surf culture, cozy cafes, nice beaches and good food. And all the hydrangeas in the world!

Heat Wave & Other Waves

It's been SOO hot that we've practically moved to the beach. If anything has to be done, it has to happen pre lunch, then head to beach and set up camp for the rest of the day. Swimming, bathing, surfing - simply being in the water. The waves have been petite, but Mattias always have fun in the water anyway. I haven't been surfing cause of my neck problems, I miss it. At least I got to paddle out a bit and just feeling the waves underneath, and NO wetsuit, pretty nice. Zoey has been catching some waves too, sitting down, however she prefers the blow up mattress that she and her friend catches waves with :)

Vanliving in heat wave is NO picnic, so here's our best tips we picked up on this trip;

1. Make the beach your living room

2. Get in the water - and stay :)

3. Stay in your wet bikini/shorts

4. Keep cool - eat ice cream

5. Avoid the sun. Set up beach umbrella. And make sure it's nice and secure. ( Ours got away, and Mattias had to go Baywatch and make a quick save)

6. Get a fan

7. Chill out

Les plages

This time we tried Anglet, but with no waves we headed for Milady - my favorite, with the Pyrenees in the background. We didn't even recognize Estagnots - looked like the mediterranean. Loved the restaurant Le Surf right next to it, super fresh food made with local products.

So happy meeting up with our friends again, having beach days together, surfing, yoga sessions, wining and dining and the girls playing away. They have been loving to walk around with walkie-talkies so they can go off by themselves for a bit. Oh and the bike bonding... Jens has got a new UNI moke - electric bike that they were taking their time to get to know better :)

About the bikes...

It was apparent in Amsterdam that my old ladies kind of a bike was the one to get around on, looking at things in a chill upright way. Mattias speedy electric bike that even has a ludicrous mode ( :O ) wasn't quite fitting in. However in hot, hilly Biarritz there was a definite benefit from the ludicrous mode... Then Jens arrived with the UNI moke that can fit the whole family... We'll see what happens next... (we know what will happen next :) )


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