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Endless Summer

Hot, hot, hot... Sweden. Who would have thought that the one summer where we are about to have a bit of an *endless summer scenario would turn out to be the hottest summer in Swedish history? Oh well, I guess we are getting acclimated to the heat. Before heading for Europe we are out and about seeing friends and family trying to unwind in this scorching summer we are having in Sweden right now. First stop Norrland. Involved a lot of picking blueberrys, walking the dog, swimming and trying to catch a glimpse of the reindeer that was hanging around, strolling on the beaches around my mum and dads summer house.

Next stop: The deepest forests of Värmland, where little miss Bosslady got to hang with her cousins, I got to hang with my youtube-yogagirl Adriene and Surferdude got his first old-man-injury at a very local little race at Glava Glasbruk. Sweet little place where little ms Boss picked glass on a glass beach, an old glassworks that were shut down 1939 and left its bits and pieces. And... I was trying to catch a glimpse of the white mouse said to be hanging around in this part of the woods... failed once again...

As we headed down south to Halmstad we made a stop at a camp site in Uddevalla for the cousins to play in the (supposidly heated) water themed park. It was however freezing and as the kids turned blue and the flies were ganging up on us we made it a quick stop. In Halmstad now, practising some paddling in the ocean.

Heading for Gothenburg or Skagen on Sunday, then surfspot - Klitmöller. Any more Denmark suggestions? Any white seals I can try and catch a glimpse of... ? ;)

*Endless summer - a must see old classic surf movie, where a couple of surfers travels around the world to score great waves all year round. #sweden #blog #travel #photography #lifestyle #vanlife


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