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Campervanlife Sweden

Uppdaterat: 16 juli 2020

We knew this would be a different kind of summer, with the pandemic taking Over the world and social distancing being key. However after a tough spring where I have been sick with just THAT VIRUS that is taking over the world and having most of my shoots being cancelled, we wanted to make the most out of what we could... so with our new campervan we are testing what its like to freecamp in Sweden this summer and also getting to see our loved ones, outside of course. 

Norrland - home of social distancing

Starting off with Norrlandskusten and finding some really Nice spots just along the Sea. Small Fishing villages and some Nice view spots.

Summer nights in Norrland are special. The sun never sets. GOLDEN hour for HOURS. 

Hanging out with grandparents/sisters/cousins, swimming with our wetsuits and foam board for the fun of it. I even went in with my barefoot shoes, Im not scared of any conditions now, weird mud, seaweed, rocks, Fishing. BRING IT ON :) Hooking up with our campervan buddies along the way for more adventures parking- where one does not think a campervan can go. M & friend even managed to get som surf. 

Norrland sure has delivered, weather, Nice views, awesome company and surf. Even got to see a reindeer both once and twice, second one being a white reindeer by the Sea, sadly I didn’t have my camera... 

Tiger King and Polar Bear Queen

Headed to Orsa Grönklitt for a few glimts of some really heavy animals. I didn't take all that many photos, but great feeling walking around the big ones.

Our reggae dog goes Schnauzer 

With our dog catching pretty much everything from the forest rolling around in the woods and we wouldn't be surprised of squirrels would be setting up camp in all that hair and as the tangles were taking over we knew it was time for a haircut, picked a dog hairdresser, showed her a photo and hoped for the best... we ended up getting a ... new dog... more like a naked Schnauzer really. Yes we realized it probably had to happen cause of you know, the whole tangleheaven situation being out of control, but still... there is definitely a bit of an identity crisis going on. For me.

Not been able to take photos like I use to cause of the-virus-taking-over-the-world still seems to have a hold of me (after being sick from the middle of March...), but at least some moments got caught on camera, and Im glad they did. 

Now, westcoasting it... more on that later.


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