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Beloved Biarritz

Biarritz has been good to us. I love this place, even though we have all had our first surf injuries, the nights have been too hot for my liking, a bird shat on me, and we have had a few weird wake up calls* It is all forgotten 'cause of the charm, the surf in the mornings, cafés and shopping in the afternoon and dinner on the beach lifestyle. Parked right next to beach Milady, the beach next to Cote ’d Basque, the classic Biarritz surf beach. This was apparently where the first Europe surf session happened, when an american surfer and filmmaker was making a movie here in 1956.

Weird wake up calls

* Had the weirdest Wake up calls ( literarelly) lately. Last night I woke up at three by a man calling out Something in french. Since my french hasn’t improved drastically and is still based on the little french travel parlour I could only guess what was going on out there. It sounded as if he was going to war and calling out to his mates to gather the troups, Braveheart style. After a while his friend shouted back and they had good old Shouting back and forth session, then they met up, and skateboarded away to what I can only assume was a somekind of local skateboard war scene. The night before, well at least at 7, Mattias was out on a first light surf session and I was hoping me and Zoey could sleep in. But no, there was another beef going on outside, between the Donkeys and the Sheep, right beside the van park. The donkeys were telling the sheep this is their territory, the sheep were like - we are all in this together, there is a fence dude, if we could we would get our own place.

The Surf

Mattias is at his happiest when he gets to surf in the morning. .... and in the evening. He always gets a smile on his face no matter which board/waves there are out there. Its his kind of meditation and action at the same time. To me, the ocean isn’t really my comfort zone, I am more comfortable in snow really. But it’s fascinating, and addictive. I am however getting to know the ocean inside and out, learning what waves to go for, where the rip is, and just having fun, surfing white water. Zoey is really getting the hang of it, when she feels like it, surfing in the white water.

The Barbies are taking over

Meanwhile at the campervan, the barbies are taking over and are not to be disturbed. It’s a total mess. But the Barbies are happy.


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